Curriculum Structure and Courses

Curriculum Structure

In the Master’s Degree Program, students must complete 24 credits distributed as follows: 12 credits in required courses, 6 credits in elective courses or other complementary academic activities; and 6 credits in the development of the Master’s thesis.

Each course has 3 credits (45 hours) and consists of 15 meetings of 3 hours each.

Credits from courses taken in other postgraduate programs can be validated to the completion of the course, as long as they are approved by the Program’s Council.

List of Courses / Course Descriptions


Materials Science and Technology 03
Transformation Processes 03
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 03
Research Methodology 03

Seminars 03
Teaching Internship I 01
Teaching Internship II 02
Teaching Internship III 03
Advanced Topics 03
Physical Methods of Analysis I 03
Physical Methods of Analysis II 03
Thermodynamics 03
Organic Synthesis 03
Manufacturing Processes 03
Physical Metallurgy 03
Polymer Science and Technology 03
Inorganic and Organic Semiconductors 03
Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics 03
Nanotechnology and Environment 03
Nanocomposites 03
Advanced Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 03
Advanced Topics in Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis 03