Admission process

The admission for the PPGNPMat Master’s Degree Program is done through a selection process, starting with the Call for Applications, which establishes the application periods (generally through the beginning of the year and mid-year), the number of places available and the necessary documents to complete the application. If you are interested, please contact us at for more information.



Required Documents


    1. Application must be filled in Portuguese, using UFSC’s CAPG system;
    2. Research Proposal can be submitted either in Portuguese or English. Containing: title of the research paper; indication of the study topic of interest and indication of possible advisors; introduction and justification; objectives and expected results – see templates in Portuguese and in English. The study plan should not contain identification of the applicant;
    3. Candidate’s Cover Letter up to 2000 characters with spaces, either in Portuguese or English, containing a brief description of your academic and/or professional trajectory (especially highlighting the relevant experiences for the master’s degree) and their motivation for pursuing the master’s degree at PPGNPMat – see templates in Portuguese and in English;
    4. Recent photo (3×4 cm) – pdf format;
    5. Undergraduate certificate of completion;
    6. Undergraduate transcript;
    7. Copy of the Passport or National Registry of Foreigners;
    8. Curriculum Vitae ( or similar);
    9. Proof of participation in research projects at undergraduate level (indicating the number of semesters or equivalent);
    10. Proof of intellectual production (first page of articles, books, chapters, etc.);
    11. Proof of professional experience.

A Selection Committee is responsible for carrying out the selection of candidates, based on the documentation provided at the time of application. Several aspects are considered, including the undergraduate academic record, Curriculum analysis, academic and professional experience, etc. The Selection Committee is responsible for ranking and approving/failing all applicants.