About the Program


The Graduate Program in Nanoscience, Processes and Advanced Materials (PPGNPMat) began its activities on August 5, 2019. Its creation was motivated by the demand for specialized training, coming both from educational institutions as well as industrial segments, mainly among materials industries, research institutes, laboratories and companies in need of professionals capable of studying and developing new processes and transformations, advanced materials and methods of analysis and characterization.

The Program’s area of concentration is: 
Nanoscience, Processes and Advanced Materials,
and two lines of research:
Materials, Processes and Transformations;
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

These lines of research aim to expand discussions and understanding of the knowledge at the interface between Physics, Chemistry, Materials Engineering and other related areas, in order to train professionals with a differentiated and highly qualified profile.
The PPGNPMat currently has the participation of permanent professors and collaborators, all of them with a doctoral degree. Together they develop projects within the program’s lines of research. The multi- and interdisciplinary characters of the projects carried by the researchers involved allow them to push the frontier of knowledge even further, which can provide important scientific and technological advances and breakthroughs in the areas of energy, textiles, metal-mechanics, pulp and paper, polymers, biomedicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and environmental fields.